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Wynne Cranston, the founder of Hyspecs (Hydraulic Specialties Ltd), worked for the Vickers Corporation in Australia in the 1960's when he returned home to form Vickers New Zealand.

From early on, Wynne's focus was not on what the corporation required, but what services and products the customers were asking for. As a result, Wynne soon became aware that customers wanted a supplier to provide the complete range of products for their projects.

Vickers, a single brand multi-national supplier, was only interested in trading its own branded products and this meant Wynne could not fulfil his customers' requirements. Wynne also noted that while some manufacturers made a wide range of products, not all of the products on offer were the best in their field.

Wynne concluded that no single manufacturer could offer a complete range of technically superior products. As such, he decided the only way to provide the products his customers were demanding, was to source selected products from selected suppliers. In early 1972 Wynne resigned from Vickers to start up his own company. Hyspecs found niche markets with tandem gear pumps and cartridge valving technologies. Wynne's early involvement with cartridge valving has accredited him with being the father of the cartridge valving industry in New Zealand. Hyspecs has developed its range of products and services to continue today what Wynne set out to achieve then. The majority of agencies Wynne secured in the 1970's are still in the Hyspecs portfolio today along with others that have been included along the way.

Hydraulic Specialties Pty Ltd was established in Melbourne, Australia in Mid 2010.

Wynne's focus then, as Hydraulic Specialties focus is today, was to provide premium customer service, backed by strong technical ability and a complete range of quality components to provide complete system solutions.


"…...another year has passed with continued excellent service from the team at Hydraulic Specialties." Garth, TRT


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