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Welcome to the Hydraulic Specialties News Page. We will endeavour to provide you with relevant technical information and what's new as far as products and Hydraulic Specialties is concerned. We also run competitions from time to time with generous giveaways! To view a list of all previous Hydrafiles click here.

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Sep 2016

Poclain Selector Valves

Hyspecs now stocks the Poclain KV range of electronic 3 and 6 port selector valves.

Electronic selector valves are often used in a situation where a new piece of hydraulic equipment has been added to an existing machine. For instance a 6/2 way valve can divert oil from the tilt function on an excavator to another auxiliary function, at the press of a button.

Stocked valves range in size from 3/8" to 1" (BSP ports), as either 12 or 24 VDC with a manual over-ride option on all. An external drain port is drilled as standard, which allows higher pressure and/or flow in most cases. This port can be plugged if 
not needed. All valves are open on changeover.

Specification Information:












3/8" BSP, 12/24 VDC





1/2" BSP, 12/24VDC





3/4" BSP, 12/24VDC






3/8" BSP, 12/24VDC





1/2" BSP, 12/24VDC, NG6





1/2" BSP, 12/24VDC, NG10





3/4" BSP, 12/24VDC





1" BSP, 24VDC





For more information download the Poclain catalogue by  clicking here (see pages 37-39 (3port), 77-87(6-port)).

Our sales engineers are available to offer expert guidance on the correct method for applying these valves to your application. They can be contacted by phone (see the numbers on the contact us page) or email at

Log Splitter Parts

Build Your Own Log Splitter With Hyspecs Log Splitter Parts. Hyspecs has a range of log splitter parts to suit a variety of size requirements and performances.

Hyspecs source only quality parts that you can rely on.

The log splitter parts can be sized to suit portable petrol engine units, tractor PTO set-ups and electric motors. When designing your log splitter, take into consideration the throughput you would like to achieve. The more horsepower you have, the faster you will be able to split the wood.

See in action a Hyspecs custom built commercial 30 tonne log splitter with integral conveyor. Hyspecs sales engineers designed the system with a Galtech double gear pump, unloader valve and auto kick out valve. So much easier than weilding an axe!

CustomLogSplitterFor more information please download our Log Splitter Brochure

Hytech gets ISO 9001 Certification

We are proud to announce that Hytech had received their Telarc ISO9001 certification. Hytech manufacture and supply a range of manifolds for Hyspecs.ISO9001

This will ensure that the Quality Management Systems that are adopted, work to improve the business and are not just a set of procedures that your employees will find hard to manage.

Some of the benefits to our customers:

  • Improved quality and service
  • Delivery on time
  • Right first time attitude
  • Fewer returned products and complaints
  • Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality

This means the organization is committed to total quality management; a customer focus, a continually improving process approach implemented throughout the organization, critical processes and their interactions are understood and documented, and a strong management commitment to all these facets of the ISO 9001 QMS.  Plus, all of these quality management system facets are verified by a independent third party who understands ISO 9001 QMS as well as the industry in which the organization operates.

HYTECH  - manufacturer of standard and custom hydraulic aluminium and steel manifolds.

With the backing of Hyspecs Group we can offer a complete A to Z Hydraulic service. Assessment of hydraulic requirements to circuit diagrams to manufacture to installation and commisioning and ongoing support and supply of cartridges. Hytech have the technical back up to work with any level of design experience to deliver a complete hydraulic manifold solution. 

Visit HYTECH for more information on the services they provide.

Aug 2016

TRAP Breathers

Water means trouble when hydraulics circuits are involved. Hyspecs stock T.R.A.P. Breathers to avoid water from sneaking into your hydraulic circuits.

The TRAP design allows the moisture to be exhaled back out, this technology allows the product to last longer instead of having to change breathers as often.

We stock two types of breather heads:

P565616 - filler breather with bayonet adaptor and electronic indicator, designed to fit with the bayonet flange / 4" nylon basket, P563874.

P564669 - breather with electronic indicator, designed to screw directly into a 1" NPT bulkhead fitting, usually mounted in the lid of the oil tank. 



T - Thermally

R - Reactive

A - Advanced

P - Protection


For further information and advice call us on  1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email 

Hydraulic Filters

Contamination is one of the few major factors with regards to hydraulic failure, though these particles can be microscopically small, they can cause damage and ultimately they could lead to system failure.

The function of a filter is to clean the oil, but the purpose of the filter is to reduce operating costs.

At Hyspecs we have a wide variety of filters that have different filtering capabilities, you can view our selection and download the price file section here.

OMT SF Suction Filter

In order to optimise the oil quality we need to install an efficient oil filtration system and make every effort to limit contamination ingress and generation. Having 'good clean oil' in return saves costs of servicing, maintenance, down time and oil changes.

Filters need to be positioned in the correct places to ensure that the motors and pumps benefit more from the clean oil than any other section in your system. A big factor in positioning is often the direction of flow.

For further information and advice call us on  1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email .


Technical Tip

Technical tip for filters.


We recommend fitting filter clogged indicators on all your hydraulic filters. These can be visual or electrical or a combination of both. They work by measuring the pressure drop across the filter element and indicating before the bypass valve setting is reached.

Without these indicators your filter elements could be clogged and the oil is bypassing with no filtration, in most cases you would unaware this is happening. If fitting clogging indicators is not possible then the filter elements should be changed periodically, the time between filter changes is dependent on the sensitivity of the components and the duty cycle of the machine.

Jul 2016

Deli Pump For Log Splitters and Presses

Ever thought of building your own Log Splitter? You'll need a pump and preferably a Hi-Lo one for the job. Hyspecs are excited to announce the arrival of the Deli Hi-Lo pump.

The CBNA High/Low Hydraulic pumps are a competitively priced, compact, two stage, external gear pump designed for use at elevated pressures.

These are ideal for press type applications requiring fast approach/retract speeds and slower peak actual work speeds because of horsepower limitations or safety constraints.

The CBN pumps are ideal for use in log splitter and press type applications.

Click here to find out more about Deli Pumps.  Browse the Pumps and products that we stock.

For further information and advice call us on 1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email

Technical Corner - DC Electric Motor Duty Cycle

DC MotorLow voltage DC motors draw a lot of current even when the hydraulic pump is lightly loaded. For this reason our DC powerpacks have a duty cycle rating and a thermal cut out switch to protect the motor. The duty cycle is normally defined by a S1, S2 or S3 rating.

S1 is a continuous duty, S2 is short time duty and S3 intermittent periodic duty. When selecting a DC powerpack its important to know how long the motor will run under load and then the cool down period. For example our Deli units are specified as S3; 30 seconds on and 270 seconds off. We also have a full range of DC powerpacks with higher duty ratings.

Download  and read the DC Motor / Pump Capability Guide for more information.

For futher information and advise call Hyspecs and talk with our expert sales engineers on 1800 497 732 or drop us an email at

Aluminium & Steel Oil Tanks

Where possible Hyspecs likes to provide products we manufacture. Hyspecs steel oil tanks range in size from 100 to 200 litres. For smaller tanks we import the aluminium range of OMT.

Oil resevoir 1The steel tanks come in 100, 150 and 200 litre (75%) nominal volumes. They are manufactured from mild steel plate with all external welds TIG/MIG welded, continuous, no slag and checked by liquid penetration. The outward top flange comes with Nylock nuts and bolts and the sloped bottom floor allows easy draining via a removable stteel plug. Sealon adhesive tape provides an easy to install dust proof and water proof seal and the reservoir is fully grey primer etched inside and out. The reservoir also comes witih pre-drilled bolt down holes and baffles are available on request.

Oil resevoir 2Hyspecs also stocks the OMT range of aluminium oil reservoirs in 16, 25, 55 and 75 litre (75%) capacities. They are manufactured from cast die aluminium and come complete with lid, gasket and drain plug. The lid is left blank to allow the designer to cut appropriate holes for the electric motor, filters, filler/breather and any other bulk head accessories that may be required. Click here to download more information and pricing.

All reservoir sizes are in stock now and you can purchase the entire range online at our  website here.

Jun 2016

Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance cam-lobe radial-piston motors. Further to Poclain Hydraulics' off-road market expertise, Poclain Hydraulics now offer innovative solutions utilising hybrid hydraulic products.

Hyspecs stock a range of Poclain Hydraulics MS02 through to MS18 motors in shaft & wheel mount versions. We also have a large range of spare parts to offer quick support & can usually source any other spares quickly from one of the Poclain Hydraulics plants. Hyspecs is a certified Poclain Hydraulics Repair Centre, so staff in any of our branches can service your Poclain Hydraulics components to the standards required by Poclain Hydraulics.

Click here to read more about  Poclain Hydraulics products and browse the Poclain products that we stock.

For further information and advice please call us on  1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email

Winners - Test Your Skills Competition

AS PROMISED, Hyspecs is giving away 5 Beanies

These are the Questions we asked with their correct answers beside them in RED.

1. How much pressure is 30 MPa in bar? 300 Bar
2. What is the flow rate in litres per minute from a 16 cc/rev gear pump turning at 1250 rpm? 20 Litres per Minute
3. Would a pressure compensated pump typically be axial piston or gear type? Axial Piston Pump

We received quite a number of entries.

Our winners are Darryl, Allen, Kevin, Daryl and Mike. You will be receiving an email to confirm your postal details and your beanie will be on it's way by the end of the week, just in time for the cold weather.

A BIG thank you to all who participated in the May Hydrafile Competition.

SCOOBI - Self Contained Old Oil Beautifying Implement

So what's a Scoobi? The acronym Scoobi was coined by one of our service engineers a few years back and stands for "Self Contained Old Oil Beautifying Implement". The Scoobi was designed to transfer oil from one vessel to another, whilst extracting contamination from the oil in the process. Typically used for transferring old oil from a tank that needs cleaning, during system maintenance and for filling tanks in new systems. Even new oil contains contaminates so it is recommended that a new drum of oil be filtered before going into the tank. The Scoobi provides a clean and easy way of doing this.

ScoobiFeatures and Benefits
• Dual filtration in and out, 10 micron, useful for separate water and particle filtration
ensuring ultra clean oil
• Gauge for indication that filter needs changing
• Rubber tyres and contoured handgrip for manoeuvrability and easy transportation
• IP65 rated on/off switch
• Assembled from locally sourced components for ease of service
• Manufactured by Hyspecs
• Relief valve protection
• Approximate dimensions 1m(h) x 0.5m(w) x 0.4m(d)

• Transfer oil at 20 l/min
• Powered by a single phase 0.75 kW electric motor with lead & plug
• Oil is pumped via a Galtech gear pump

Nett price for the Scoobi is $2640 + GST. We currently have Scoobi's in stock and lead
time from ordering if not in stock is typically 5 working days. We also hire out our
workshop Scoobi at the rate of $50 per half day and $100 per day plus filters. Hose
assemblies can be manufactured to your specifications.

Click here to download the product brochure or buy online now.

May 2016

Test Your Skills Competition

Hyspecs is giving away 5 Beanies! If you can answer all 3 of these questions correctly you go in the draw to win a New Zealand made Possum-Wool beanie form Hyspecs. Ideal for the winter temperatures we will be facing very soon.

1. How much pressure is 30 MPa in bar?

2. What is the flow rate in litres per minute from a 16 cc/rev gear pump turning at 1250 rpm?

3. Would a pressure compensated pump typically be axial piston or gear type?

Send us your answer by 10 June 2016, to be in the draw for a BEANIE. All entries qualify (Hyspecs Staff excluded). Answer will be published next Hydrafile.  Click here to email us your answer.


 SAFEX Anti Drop Valves

Don't Drop Your Load If Your Hose Bursts!

SAFEX valves are designed to be mounted directly to the boom and/or arm cylinders of hydraulic excavators. With the correct installation and adjustment these valves prevent uncontrolled lowering of the boom/arm cylinders in the event of a hose burst, thereby becoming part of the load holding and lowering system designed to comply with AS 1418.8 / ISO 8643. 

Each setup should be checked individually when installing, not all setups work the same on all machines, but here are some easy steps to check. The installation is quite simple yet effective contact us for more info.SAFEX

To get the protection you require without negatively affecting the machine operation, the correct balancing of the hose rupture valve and main directional valve is essential. The opening of the hose rupture valve should lag behind the main directional valve while not affecting the stability and performance of the machine. This is achieved by matching each hose burst valve to the machine on which it is installed. SAFEX manifolds are made from ductile iron with nickel plating and suitable for all excavators with flows from 30 to 600 l/min.

Hose burst valves are a mandatory requirement on all excavators over 7 tonnes when being used like a crane. 

Attach Hyspecs SAFEX valves to your excavator  and you won't risk damage or injury in the event of a hose failure. Manufactured in NZ by Hyspecs.

For further information and advice please call us on  1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email


Hydraulic Tip

Most people over estimate the cooling capacity of the hydraulic oil tank. With a 30 degree C difference between ambient and oil temperature, a standard design steel tank can dissipate the following :
100L : 1.0 kW
200L : 1.6 kW
300L : 1.9 kW

05.16.CoolerConsidering that typically 15-20% of your input power is converted to heat, in most cases an oil cooler is required unless you have an intermittent duty cycle. Hyspecs stocks a range of air and water coolers along with thermostats, temperature switches and temperature sensors to help maintain optimum oil temperature.

Apr 2016

Hyspecs Brisbane - Business as Usual


The Hyspecs Brisbane branch has moved and is open for business.

The new location for the Brisbane branch is Unit 6/10 Fortune Street, Geebung, Brisbane, QLD 4034 or you can still give them a call on (+61) 7 3865 6120 for any and all your engineering requirements.

Hyspecs Australia is growing by the day and have skilled and experienced staff who are available to help you.

For more information, visit or email us and we will get back to you!

 Meet some of the staff at Brisbane! 


Chris Flint   has an extensive background in Hydraulic Engineering with over 30 years experience in this industry.

Eliza Milner   is the Customer Service Representative located at Hyspecs Brisbane. She has over 5 years of Hydraulic Industry experience!

With a Mechanical Engineering degree,   Joseph Tan   is up for the challenges in technical selection & application of hydraulic equipment.


HYTECH...the possibilities are endless

It's Possible with Hytech!!


  • Using one of the latest market leader design packages, we can transform a 2D circuit into a 3D digital model.
  • Fully assembled manifolds can be produced (on request) for the customer to use in conjunction with their 3D system. 
  • The customer will be able to import their manifold into their 3D model and a final view can be done to eliminate any constraints before they start the manufacturing process.
  • Customers can approve on a 3D model rather than waiting on traditional 2D drawings to be produced.
  • Fast turnaround, once the customer has approved the 3D model it can be turned in to a finished manifold within the standard lead time, +/- 2 weeks from date of approval
  • Over 30 years combined knowledge of manifold design  and 50+ years of manufacturing knowledge.
Watch the video on


Hydraulic accumulator's are pressure vessels and require protection against overpressure.


To safely service hydraulic systems with accumulators, a valve that discharges the oil in the accumulator to tank while simultaneously blocking the pump pressure is also required.

Fluid safety blocks such as our EPE BS20 have all these features in o

ne valve b

lock that screws directly into the accumulator fluid port. An additional feature that we recommend is to fit a normally open solenoid valve into the safety block. 

 During normal operation the solenoid valve is closed but when your machine is shutdown the solenoid valve opens and automatically discharges the stored oil to tank. Always check there is no pressure in the accumulator using a gauge connected directly to the accumulator fluid port before working on the hydraulic system.



Mar 2016

Eaton Hydraulics Authorised Distributor

Hyspecs is a full line distributer for Eaton hydraulic product in Australia and New Zealand. Having access to the full range of Eaton products, along with factory support, allows Hyspecs to meet customer demands for a single supplier of Eaton product from spare parts to custom built systems.  

EatondistribHyspecs carries stock across its branches of the most common Eaton hydraulic product such as geroler and geroter motors, piston pumps both open and closed loop, transmissions, vane pumps, cetop directional valves, cetop modules, proportional valves, steering control units and slip-in cartridge valves.  

Hyspecs service department can   service & repair almost any Eaton hydraulic product and manufacture hose assemblies using genuine Eaton-Aeroquip product on Eaton-Aeroquip hose presses. Call us now to book a service repair on 1800 497 732.

New Stock Clearance Website

Hydraulic Clearance Stock WebsiteLooking for a hydraulic bargain? Hyspecs has a new website with hydraulic product at great prices. All items are new with standard factory warranty.

Stock is surplus to requirements and must be sold. Items can be purchased online via account or direct bank transfer. Credit card orders can be placed over the phone. 

Click here to browse the site now.

Call Hyspecs on 1800 497 732 for technical product information. 

HYDRO LEDUC Bent Axis Piston Motors

Hydroleduc Bext Axis Piston MotorHyspecs stocks the HYDRO LEDUC range of bent axis piston motors. Click here to view the range in our online shop. HYDRO LEDUC is a specialist in the design and manufacture of piston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydropneumatic accumulators, and customized hydraulic components.

Founded in 1938 by Rene Leduc the company's activity was aeronautics, building Leduc aircraft and designing and manufacturing various hydraulic components in airplanes. In 1958 the company converted from aeronautics to hydraulics and then excavator hydraulics in 1968. They now also offer a range of hydraulics for the transport industry and launched their first bent axis motors in 2005.

M Series Fixed Displacement Bent Axis Motor

HYDRO LEDUC hydraulic motors of the M series are of bent axis design, with an angle of 40°. They combine high performance and reduced size envelope.  Available in displacements from 12cc to 126cc, M motors are suitable for all industrial and mobile applications. They are designed for use in either closed or open loop systems. 

* Maximum pressure continuous / peak: 400 / 450 bar
* Global efficiency of over 90% (guaranteed in most applications)
* Suitable for use at operating speeds between 50 and 8,800 rpm
* Optimised weight and size. 

M series motors are suitable for intensive long duty requirements. Designed for both mobile and industrial installations. Typical applications are:   

* Vehicle transmissions
* High power crushers
* Forestry equipment
* Heavy duty winches

These motors are built to suit all applications to ISO standard 3019/2. Also available in the MA (SAE), MSI (semi-integrated) and MXP (DIN) series. For more detailed information download the brochure here.

For more information and to see how HYDRO LEDUC bent axis motors can help your business please talk with our sales engineers today on 1800 497 732 or email us with your enquiry.

Dec 2015

Hydraulics Overheating?

As we move into summer the extra heat in the atmosphere puts more pressure on hydraulic systems.

Hyspecs recommends an operating temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Do not test with your hand, as even touching for a split second is too hot. Instead use the temperature gauge to get an accurate reading.

Eaton recommends a maximum system operating temperature of no higher than 82 degrees Celsius. Keeping your system cool will increase the life of your system and save you money in the long run.

In a perfect hydraulic world all energy put into a system could be transferred to the job at hand, whether it is a cylinder, motor or some other hydraulic machinery. However we are lucky if we get 65-75% of the input energy turned into useful work. The rest gets turned into heat, noise and vibration.

The loss of power can be attributed to many things:

  • High pressure drop across hoses, orifices and valves
  • Mismatched motor sizes in a pressure compensated system
  • In-built inefficiencies in pumps and motors
  • Poorly designed hydraulic systems 

Try as we may to get the system 100% efficient we will never do it, so we are usually stuck with two options to overcome heat:

Air _oil _coolers2











  • Build a large oil tank to dissipate the heat. This is usually the easiest and cheapest option if designing a system from new. Hyspecs recommends a tank size of at least 2.5-3 times the maximum flow of oil in the system (not applicable to closed loop systems where the designer can get away with a much smaller tank). 
  • Install a hydraulic oil cooler cable of cooling approximately 30% of the system input power. Oil coolers typically come as either air/oil or water/oil variety. The air/oil coolers are pretty much the same as a car radiator with either an electric or hydraulic fan blowing over the fins to cool the oil flowing inside the radiator. Oil/water coolers are designed to have oil running through a large outer tube with a seperate series of smaller tubes running inside this, containing flowing fresh or slat water which carries the heat away from the oil.  Emmegi Water cooler








If you need help with an overheating hydraulic system call Hyspecs today on 1800 497 732 or email us on

For specification and pricing information on Hyspecs range of Emmegi Oil Coolers please click here.

For specification and pricing information on Hyspecs range of Oil Reservoirs please click here.

Nov 2015

Check Pressure Control Devices

Visually check that pressure control devices have not been tampered with. Look for vibration or pulsation in the pressure line of the pump or motor, with erratic machine movement.

Over pressurisation can lead to costly mechanical failure in pumps, motors, cylinders and valves.

Running systems at under optimum pressure, while less likely to induce failure, can cause system to operate less efficiently. Uncontrolled decompression, thermal expansion or back flow through check valves can cause pressure spikes.

For further information and advice please call us on 1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email

Running Hot!

We were recently asked to look at a power pack in a plastics factory that was running a little "hot". After getting the order from the customer and a bit of TLC the unit left our premises with a new lease on life. Well done to Shane and the guys in the workshop.


Before -Photo Web


After Web

Hytech - New Website

Hytech has a new website!

Same address

Find out what Hytech has to offer

  • Custom Manifolds - record new design and production times!
  • Precision Engineering - Steel parts made to order.
Hytech Screen Shot 2015-10-27
Sep 2015

Oil Reservoir - Space Saver

When you have a big pump you need a big Oil Reservoir right? Wrong.VVR-Duo -02

Standard Oil Reservoirs add weight, they increase the size of your hydraulic System and they also increase the risk of environmental contamination, but there is another option.

Hyspecs in Melbourne recently assisted a customer who wanted a hydraulic system that would operate underground. They wanted a lighter, smaller and environmentally responsible hydraulic system. Hyspecs were able to supply this customer with a Variable Volume Oil Reservoir (VVR) which met all their needs. We have eliminated the need for a 100-150L reservoir by utilising a 7litre VVR. This resulted in huge savings in oil, space, weight and ongoing operating costs while also reducing the environmental impact of a possible oil leak.

To see a VVR in action watch the video - Cylinder operating with Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR)

For further information please call us on 1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email

Aluminium Oil Reservoirs

OMT - Aluminium Oil Reservoirs

  • Die cast aluminiumOMT Reservoirs
  • Complete with lid and gasket
  • The lid is left blank to allow the designer to cut appropriate holes for the electric motor, filters, filler/breather and any other bulk head accessories that may be required.
  • Nominal capacity corresponds to ¾  of total capacity
  • Drain plug

See our range on our website

For further information please call us on 1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email

Steel Oil Reservoirs

Hyspecs - Steel Oil Reservoirs

  • Hyspecs ReservoirsMaterial: mild steel plate
  • All external welds TIG/MIG welded, continuous, no slag and checked by liquid penetration
  • Outward top flange with Nylock nuts and bolts
  • Sloped bottom floor for easy draining via removable steel plug
  • Baffles available on request (extra cost)
  • Sealon adhesive tape that customer installs to provide dust proof and waterproof lid seal
  • Pre-drilled bolt down holes
  • Tank and lid grey primer etched inside and out
  • Nominal volume = 75% of maximum volume

See our range on our website

For further information please call us on 1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email

Aug 2015

Bluetooth Transducer Android App

TDWLB-with -BAT1Transducers Direct have just released the Android App for the TDWLB bluetooth wireless pressure/temperature transducer. Along with the iOS (Apple) app you can wirelessly monitor your pressure transducers from up to 100 feet away. Download the app now from the Google Play store on your phone or computer.

The phone must have hardware support for "Bluetooth Smart", which is also referred to as Bluetooth Version 4.0 (and later). It's very likely that any device made in the last 3 years or so will work. 

Search the Google Play store using the keyword "TDWLB".

More information is available by clicking here.

Expansion in NZ Christchurch

Hyspecs Christchurch branch, has moved to new and larger premises.

More indoor space with a much better layout, more useable outdoor working space, and plenty of off street parking are a few of the improvements. This was a substantial move carried out in two stages.

The move to 34 Birmingham Drive - A success.Moving To Birmingham

Jul 2015

Online Shopping @ Hyspecs

Online Shopping HyspecsOnline shopping is available at It's easy to use and you can either search by category, brand or by using the built in search engine, you can find a product directly by part number or description. We have facilities to accept Account, VISA and MasterCard as payment methods.

The site is available 24/7 so if you've run out of time during the day to order that part, you can always logon after hours, place the order and we'll get it dispatched first thing the following morning. Click here to shop online now.



May 2015

Energy Saving Tip: Oil Viscosity Grade

Clean hydraulic oil of the correct viscosity grade and running at optimum temperature will ensure your hydraulics work efficiently. The working viscosity range for most hydraulic systems is 15 to 100 cSt with 20 to 40 cSt being the optimum. For hydraulic oil we generally use the ISO Viscosity Grade classification which is the kinematic viscosity of the oil at 40'C. For lower working temperatures ISO VG 22 or 32 oil is recommended and for higher working temperatures ISO VG 46 or 68 oil is ideal. Hydraulic oil that's too viscous requires extra power to overcome pressure losses, oil that's too thin causes premature wear and excessive internal leakage.

For further advice speak to a Hyspecs Engineer on 1800 497 732.

Product Focus - Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance cam-lobe radial-piston motors. Further to Poclain Hydraulics' off-road market expertise, Poclain Hydraulics now offer innovative solutions utilising hybrid hydraulic products.Poclain Hydraulics 4 wheel drive system

The Poclain Hydraulics range now includes:

  • Poclain Hydraulic Motors: Poclain Hydraulics cam-lobe motors up to 15,000cc & high speed piston motors up to 65cc
  • Poclain Hydraulic Pumps: Poclain Hydraulics closed loop from 7cc up to 250cc & open loop up to 444cc
  • Poclain Hydraulic Valves: Poclain Hydraulics CETOP valves & modules, Selector valves, Brake valves & Power transmission valves.
  • Poclain Electronics: Poclain Hydraulics Electronic Control Units & associated hardware to control their system solutions.
  • Poclain Hydraulic Power Packs: A Poclain Hydraulics range of power units from mini up to large 200kw power units.
  • Poclain Systems: Poclain Hydraulics specialises in innovative hydrostatic transmission design, supply & commissioning of complete systems to meet your requirements.

Read more on our website

Browse and purchase the full range of Poclain product from our online shop here.

For more information on Poclain Hydraulics speak to a sales engineer on 1800 497 732.

Product Focus - MGG Motors

MGG Gerotor High Speed MotorsMgg -Motor Web

  • Gerotor design, High Speed/Low Torque [HSLT] 
  • Aluminum construction for optimum power to weight ratio 
  • Bi-directional 
  • High-pressure mechanical seals available for series application to 1000 PSI back pressure 
  • Roller bearings for long life 
  • Buna-N Seals are standard for petroleum and glycol based fluids 
  • MGG -- Motor with shaft speeds to 5000 rpm 
  • PGG -- Pump with shaft speeds to 3500 RPM 
  • Up to 17 HP output for motors
  • For more information download our MGG Motors brochure or speak with a Hyspecs Sales Engineer on 1800 497 732.
  • Browse and purchase the full range of MGG motors in our shopping area here.
Apr 2015

Hytech - Design Doubled

Hyspecs manufacturing division, Hytech have doubled their design capabilities, and reduced their lead times.

Hytech welcomes to the team - Wendy Roberts - CAD Manifold Design Engineer.

Due to increased demand for Hydraulic manifolds, Hytech recruited Wendy as an additional designer to assist Steven Zhou with manifold designs at Hytech.

Wendy has been designing manifolds for 19 years since graduating from Coventry University in the UK with a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Wendy worked for UK based family business Integrated Hydraulics for 15 years (this business was bought out by Eaton), she then moved on to Hydraforce (UK) for 4 years before joining Hytech April 2015.

Hytech have been looking for ways to reduce turnaround for the manufacture of their Hydraulic Manifolds. 

This review has involved

  • Matching jobs with similar settings to reduce setting times
  • Tracking setting times
  • Tracking machine hours
  • Looking at the features of the CNC machines to get the most out of these machine
  • Repeat orders can now be managed much more quickly
  • Improved finishing with Nicol plating on all manifolds. The thickness of the plating customised to suit different working environments for longer life.
  • Working towards ISO 9000 acreditation to ensure consistency and quality of products

The results of this continual review process have been

  • Improved turn around in design
  • Increased machine time
  • Improved turn around in production

If you have a circuit design you can go direct to Hytech to talk about making this into a manifold. Ask for Paul Harmse on +64 9 921 2221. Visit the Hytech website by clicking here.

If you have an idea of what you want but not the expertise to deliver a circuit diagram, contact one of the Hyspecs Engineers on 1800 497 732.

Hytech Team Photo 2015Web

Log Splitters - Made Easy With Hyspecs

As winter approaches, Hyspecs sees an increasing demand for log splitters. With help from Hyspecs you can build Your Own Log Splitter. Hyspecs has a range of log splitter parts to suit a variety of size requirements and performances.

Hyspecs source only quality parts that you can rely on.

The log splitter parts can be sized to suit portable petrol engine units, tractor PTO set-ups and electric motors. When designing your log splitter, take into consideration the throughput you would like to achieve. The more horsepower you have, the faster you will be able to split the wood.

See in action a Hyspecs custom built commercial 30 tonne log splitter with integral conveyor. Hyspecs sales engineers designed the system with a Galtech double gear pump, unloader valve and auto kick out valve. So much easier than weilding an axe!

CustomLogSplitterFor more information please download our Log Splitter Brochure

Mar 2015

New! Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer

Hyspecs is very pleased to be able to introduce to the Australian market -Transducers Direct TDWLB.

The first pressure transducer in the world to feature certified wireless Bluetooth technology and it uses a patent pending design to connect transducers to tablets and smartphones through the use of a downloadable free app.

Bluetooth Presssure TransducerThis transducer can be used anywhere you need to monitor pressure and temperature without the need for wires.

"This is one of our most exciting new products" says Nick Cottier - Hyspecs Marketing Manager. "There are potentially thousands of different applications where this transducer can be used. This includes places where access is limited, restrictive, complicated or just time consuming such as hulls of boats, roof tops or hot industrial areas." To get started is easy as 1 2 3. Download the free app, install the transducer and wirelessly connect - no confusing wiring to figure out.

For more information download our information brochure on Indicators, Gauges, Switches and Fittings here, or please call Hyspecs to find out more 1800 497 732. 

Buy in our online shop now by clicking here.

12/24 VDC Deli Power Pack

Deli DC Powerpack

  • Pre-assembled, economical power pack
  • 12VDC 2.0 kW & 24 VDC 2.2 kW motors; 3, 5 & 8 litre tanks
  • 2.1 cc/rev pump 
  • Single acting or CETOP circuits
  • Complete wired remote control

There are many configuration options available. Ring Hyspecs for more options and pricing on 1800 497 732.

Buy in our online shop now by clicking here.

Why Regular Filter Changes are needed

Omt _tank _top _return _215x 313Spinona _174x 276Filters should be checked at least once a month and elements changed as per the indicators, or every 2000 hours of operation, or every 6 months whichever comes first. Fluid condition should be checked at regular intervals to maintain optimum component life. Most hydraulic failures and premature wear of components are due to oil contamination. Fluids other than petroleum, severe service cycles, very high pressures, proportional and servo valve applications require cleaner oil and better quality filters. Hyspecs recommends all filters have visual or electrical pressure differential indicators fitted so you know when to replace the filter elements. An oil particle analysis to ISO 4406 is the best way to determine your filtration effectiveness and the health of the hydraulic system. Hyspecs has oil sample kits available as well as optical oil particle monitors that can be permanently installed on your machine and interfaced with your control system.

Call us here at Hyspecs now for filters or book a service on 1800 497 732.

Browse and purchase our range of hydraulic filters in our online shop by clicking here.

Feb 2015

Hyspecs Brisbane Launch

Brisbane Launch Richard Chris SmlWe've joined forces with local Brisbane hydraulic engineer Chris Flint to bring Hyspecs (Hydraulic Specialties Pty Ltd) to Brisbane.

Chris and the team at Hyspecs celebrated our Brisbane Launch on Wednesday the 28th of January 2015. We had a good attendance, with lots of questions and answers as to what Hyspecs has to offer. With Chris permanently based in Brisbane, our customers will have even better access to Hyspecs.

Customers will continue to have the support from Hyspecs' Melbourne office with their large stock holding of hydraulic parts, service and expertise. If you are in Brisbane why not give Chris a call on 0439 330 678 and find out what Hyspecs can do for your business. If you are based outside of Brisbane call 1800 497 732. Hyspecs have a sales team to cover all areas of Australia. Where possible stock will be dispatched overnight.Brisbane Launch 3smlBrisbane Launch 2sml 


Hyspecs 2015 Price Book Now Available

2015AUbook Lg SmlHyspecs 2015 Price List printed version is now available.

There are new products, some price drops and a few extra features listed. There are tabs to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Product information includes basic specification, product image and price.

If you would like a free copy please call Hyspecs on 1800 497 732 or download an electronic copy - with its bookmark and contents links, browsing to the product you're interested in is a quick and easy process.  Click here (6.4 MB) to download the 2015 Price List.

New *Hydrocontrol hydraulic remotes now in stock*

HCRCMHydrocontrol remote hydraulic controllers allow users to remotely control pilot operated valves and pilot operated pump servos. 

Working on pressure reducing principles, Hydrocontrol hydraulic remote controllers can be configured to a pressure control range to suit the majority of applications. Pressure range settings are field convertible.

Remote controllers can be configured with ancillary electrical control options to combine a machine's control interface into a single compact package

Consult Hydraulic Specialties for the range of control springs available and metering curve information by phone on 1800 497 732 or email us on Download product specifications here.

New Product *Raking Adaptor for Fillers*

PT-M5webPT-M5 Raking adapter for fillers - this Aluminium adaptor is for fitting OMT TR series filler breathers to the side of a tank, it is fully equipped with screws and gasket in flexoid.

Call Hyspecs now if you would like more information 1800 497 732 .

Download product specifications here.


Engineer Profile - Craig Kemp

Project engineer Craig Kemp says the thrills and excitement of hydraulic engineering are with the large projects undertaken by Hyspecs. Recruited into the Hyspecs team in January 2007, Craig's primary work focus is managing projects in Australia and New Zealand as well as quality control and company process improvements.

Hyspecs are proud of their team here at Hyspecs. This year we have been profiling various staff in Engineering News.

"With our staff of highly proficient hydraulic engineers like Craig, Hyspecs is able to offer customers a complete system solution," Mr Krebs says. "To ensure that our customers' expectations are met, all projects go through a design review process before a final proposal is presented to the customer. The types of projects that we have worked on are varied, ranging from simple hydraulic power units to large marine systems for controlling A-frames, deck winches and cranes."

Read full Engineering news article hereCraig Kemp Project Engineer

Mar 2014

Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics LogoPoclain Hydraulics has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance cam-lobe radial-piston motors. Further to Poclain Hydraulics' off-road market expertise, Poclain Hydraulics now offer innovative solutions utilising hybrid hydraulic products.

Hyspecs Australia is a full line distributor for Poclain Hydraulics products. This includes their range of Motors, Pumps, Valves, Electronics, Hydraulic Power Packs and Systems.

Poclain Radial Piston MotorFor more information on Hyspecs range of Poclain Hydraulics product, fill out our Info Request form or talk with one of our engineers on 1800 497 732.

To download a printable Poclain Hydraulics brochure click here.

For  servicing of your Poclain Hydraulics product call us now on 1800 497 732 to book a repair.


May 2014

Hydraulic Motors - how stuff works

Hyspecs provides a full range of hydraulic motor with a brief explanation of each hydraulic motor category below. Click the headings for more detailed information.

Gear Motor

Consit essentially of two intermeshing toothed gears enclosed in a common housing.

Gerotor/Geroler Motor

The H series motor uses a Gerotor while the rest of the Char-Lynn motors use a Geroler.

Piston Motor

Axial piston Motors are displacement machines in which the pistons are arranged in parallel to the axis of rotation of a cylinder barrel.

Swash-Plate Motor

In this version, the cylinder barrel is driven and, as a result, the pistons which are located and guided in the barrel rotate with it.

Bent Axis Motor

With this type of hydraulic motor, the cylinder barrel is driven by the pistons which in turn are themselves driven by the drive flange.

Wobble-Plate Motor

With this type of hydraulic motor, a so-called wobble plate is driven by the input or drive shaft.

For a more detailed description of each of these motors please visit our "How stuff works" motor series page or contact one of our Hyspecs Engineers 1800 497 732.

Service Challenge - Another day in the office

The stats
* 5" bore
* 3" shaft
* 2½ m stroke 4 tonne bin
* 1 Service Tech

The problem

* Piston comes off end of rod.
* Bin won't come off in this position!
* The question How the @#*# are we going to do this?!

The solution

* Get big crane in to get heavy bin off so we can remove the bent bit!!

For all your Hydraulic Servicing call Hyspecs 1800 497 732 and speak with one our service Engineers. They are ready for your challenges. (click on images below for larger image)

Piston Off RodBENT-MAIN-LIFT-CYLINDER-Cranesml 2S=

Feb 2014

Hydraulic Winches

Boat Hydraulics Including Remote Control of the Hydraulic Winches. Hyspecs was contracted by a major North Island boat builder in NZ to supply the hydraulics for a 24m catamaran work boat.

See the winches in action on youtube

In order to make this a multi purpose work boat, Hyspecs had to design the hydraulic system to seamlessly run various deck equipment simultaneously.

Hydraulic Anchor Winches

The Power house


Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacture

Hydraulic _system _hydraulic _power _pack _custom _madeHydraulic power packs are used to provide hydraulic power via oil flow and pressure. In their most basic form they consist of the following:

1. Prime mover - AC or DC electric motor or a petrol or diesel engine

2. Hydraulic pump

3. Bellhousing and coupling to join the prime mover and pump

4. Relief valve to protect the pump and circuit

5. Tank and oil

Hyspecs have available off the shelf modular DC hydraulic power pack. Hyspecs can also manufacture hydraulic power pack to your requirements. From small hydraulic power pack driving a simple ram to large complex hydraulic power pack driving components in industrial sized power stations. 

Read more about Hyspecs hydraulic power pack capabilities online here...