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Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack ModularHydraulic power packs are used to provide hydraulic power via oil flow and pressure. In their most basic form they consist of the following:

  1. Prime mover - AC or DC electric motor or a petrol or diesel engine
  2. Hydraulic pump
  3. Bellhousing and coupling to join the prime mover and pump
  4. Relief valve to protect the pump and circuit
  5. Tank and oil

Hydraulic Power Pack Modular DeliThe above hydraulic power pack would provide oil flow and pressure for a hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic power pack could be plugged directly into a hydraulic motor for example or some type of valve to control the oil flow.

Hyspecs can provide the following types of hydraulic power pack:

1. Modular AC/DC Hydraulic Power Pack

Mix and match pumps, valving and tanks to create the hydraulic power pack for your requirements. Click here to browse Hyspecs range of AC/DC hydraulic power pack. Talk with one of our sales engineers to help you select the correct hydraulic power pack.

Hydraulic Power Pack Custom Made2. Custom Made Hydraulic Power Pack

Hyspecs can manufacture hydraulic power pack to your requirements. Utilising single or three phase power or an engine we can couple this to any type of hydraulic pump required for the job. From small hydraulic power pack driving a simple ram to large complex hydraulic power pack driving components in industrial sized power stations. Read about our  offshore power generation hydraulic power pack project here.

LNG Crane Project - Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacture

HYSPECS Melbourne was contracted by one of Australia's leading crane manufacturers to supply 4 hydraulic power pack and associated valving to power their luffing jib cranes. These cranes form part of a large liquid natural gas (LNG) project in Australia. 

Hydraulic Power Pack LNG ProjectThe hydraulic power pack were designed, manufactured and tested in-house at HYSPECS premises in Dandenong, VIC before being shipped. The cranes operate in a hazardous area defined as IEC Ex Zone 2, so the electrical equipment supplied was required to meet this standard. To reduce the electrical explosion proof content with its high costs a hydraulic pilot system was designed to operate the crane and control the working limits.

Due to environmental conditions each hydraulic power pack is totally enclosed with maintenance access through two removable front panels. Tandem variable displacement piston pumps close coupled to a 37kW electric motor complete the hydraulic power pack to drive the winches and boom cylinders.

Custom designed manifold blocks, manufactured by HYTECH (Hyspecs Technologies) in Auckland, reduced the footprint of the hydraulic powr pack and complexity of piping. High quality hydraulic components from  Eaton Walvoil and  Hydraforce was used for maximum reliability and safety.

With branches in Melbourne, Auckland and Christchurch we have the resources to offer complete turnkey hydraulic power pack solutions for your next project.

For more information on Hyspecs   hydraulic power pack range, fill out our Info Request form or talk with one of our engineers on 1800 497 732.

For servicing of your hydraulic power pack call us now on 1800 497 732 to book a repair.

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