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Hydraulic Winch

Custom Designed Hydraulic Winches

When you need a hydraulic winch the first place to start is with a Hyspecs Hydraulic Engineer. Our Hydraulic Engineers will meet with you to discuss what you need your winch to do, what you would like it to do and what can be achieved within your budget.

Our Hyspecs Engineers are able to assess whether you have existing equipment that can be adapted to attach a Hydraulic Winch. Talk with one of our expert sales engineers for Hydraulic Winch advise on 1800 497 732.


Hydraulic Cable Winch

What features are available for Hydraulic Winches?

  • Speed control and speed limits
  • Directional control
  • Force control
  • Transferable Hydraulic Attachments (can be detached using quick connect hydraulic fittings)
  • Remote control ... and more

Hydraulic Winch applications

Hydraulic winches are used for raising, pulling, towing and hoists for a variety of applications: loading cranes, construction machinery, drilling equipment, forestry, fishing industry, agricultural industry... you dream it and Hyspecs will build it.

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

For your customised Hydraulic Winch Solution speak to a Hyspecs engineer on 1800 497 732.