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Oil Reservoir Space Saver

Alternative to bulky oil tanks

Hyspecs can now offer you an alternative to bulky oil tanks and using large quantities of hydraulic oil.

If you need to:

  • reduce the size and weight of your hydraulic system
  • reduce the risk to the environment in the event of an oil leak
  • stop oil contamination from dusty, humid or salty air
  • increase the life of your fluid and components by up to 5 times

then Hyspecs have a solution for you with the innovative Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR).

VVR-Duo -02

For example your standard 200L hydraulic tank could be replaced with a VVR weighing 16 kg when filled with oil! These reservoirs have been used successfully since 2008 on various hydraulic systems such as drill rigs and are suitable for mobile, industrial and marine applications where weight or quantity of oil stored is critical.

The VVR is compatible with systems using multiples pumps, drives and actuators/cylinders. The reservoir's bellow will change its volume according to the system's demand, being differential volume from a cylinder or thermal expansion/contraction during operation.

Video - Cylinder operating with Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR)

The VVR allows your hydraulics to be run in a closed loop sealed system. The VVR also slightly supercharges the pump inlet reducing the risk of cavitation, beneficial when working at altitude or on steep angles. A correctly sized oil cooler must be used and Hyspecs offers a full range of air and water coolers ex-stock.

Standard equipment on the VVR is low level switch, air bleed valve, support brackets and isolation ball valve. Additional options available are overboard relief and instrumentation manifold.

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