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Safex Valve

Don't drop your load if your hose bursts! Attach Hyspecs SAFEX(TM) valves to your earthmoving equipment and you wont risk damage or injury in the event of hose failure. Manufactured, assembled and tested by Hyspecs.

Hyspecs SAFEX TM valves (hose burst protection valves)are designed to be mounted directly to cylinders on earthmoving equipment (backhoes, front - end loaders, excavators etc) that are used to lift freely suspended loads. With the correct installation and adjustment these valves protect against hose failure thereby becoming part of the load holding and controlled lowering system designed to comply with AS1418.8 & ISO 8643.

Safex 250x 250

Images are indicative only - actual SAFEX TM Valve may differ slightly.

Features and Benefits of the Safex TM Hose Burst Protection Valve

  • Designed to meet the requirements for earthmoving equipment used to lift freely suspended loads (section 5.4.3 of AS1418.8).
  • Compact design with dual SAE C61 and C62 ports.
  • Relief valve with screen provides full flow high pressure protection.
  • Duplicated valve, pilot and drain ports reduce installation costs.
  • Cylinder tapping ports can be used for initial bleed off, a test point to set the relief, manual lowering or equalising two boom cylinders.
  • Manifolds are manufactured from UB400 (GGG40) cast steel bar electro-plated zinc silver. Nickel plating is available.
  • Tamper proof cap on relief valve.
  • Manifolds are manufactured by Hyspecs Technologies (HYTECH) in New Zealand and assembled and tested at our branches

Safex TM Hose Burst Protection Valve Specifications

  • Rated for 400 bar (some models 350 bar)
  • Flows up to 300 l/min per valve
  • SAE C61/62 cylinder and valve ports
  • BSPP pilot, drain & equalising/test ports

IMPORTANT : It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that these valves are installed and set correctly in order to comply with the safety standards. Incorrect installation and/or adjustment could result in severe injury, disability or death!

For more information on our range of Safex Hose Burst Protection Valves fill out our Info Request form or talk with one of our engineers on 1800 497 732.