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Customer Projects

Power Generation Hydraulics

For a large power generation project based in the Middle East. Hyspecs have supplied 33 hydraulic powerunits with interconnecting pipework and assisted our customer to pass factory acceptance tests.

Power Generation

The initial requirement was to have a hydraulic system to open and close a huge exhaust gas diverter doors, which weighed several tons. The system required multiple contingencies and backups, as well as the need for fail safe controls in the unlikely event should something fail. The doors needed to close at a constant repeatable speed and should an emergency arise be able to be closed rapidly with or without power onsite.



LNG Project - Crane Hydraulics

Crane Powerpack OutsideHYSPECS Melbourne was contracted by one of Australia's leading crane manufacturers to supply 4 hydraulic powerunits (HPU's) and associated valving to power their luffing jib cranes. These cranes form part of a large liquid natural gas (LNG) project in Australia.

The HPU's were designed, manufactured and tested in-house at HYSPECS premises in Dandenong, VIC before being shipped. The cranes operate in a hazardous area defined as IEC Ex Zone 2, so the electrical equipment supplied was required to meet this standard. To reduce the electrical explosion proof content with its high costs a hydraulic pilot system was designed to operate the crane and control the working limits.



Grape Harvester - Nairn Harvesters Ltd 

When Hydraulic Specialties was approached by the production manager at Nairn Harvesters Ltd to offer a drive system for their latest grape harvester there were 2 key criteria they stressed to us: delivery needed to be short as the customer had requested delivery of the completed machine in under 2 months, and the system needed to work well right from the start (there was no time for trial and error). 

Machine Requirements: 
• 4-wheel drive system with anti-skid 
• Harvesting at a speed of 6km/hr on a gradient of up to 30% 
• The machine would be able to climb a gradient of nearly 33% 
• Under ideal harvesting conditions it is capable of removing up to 28,000kg of grapes off the vine per hour 
• Top road speed of 32km/h (could be 39 km/h with a different gearbox/pump arrangement) 


Fishing Vessel Conversion - Austral Leader 2 

The Hyspecs service team was involved in the complete conversion of the fishing vessel, Austral Leader 2 from a purse seiner net fisher to a long liner. The job, in summary, was the refitting of a vessel to a line hauler and pot hauler for the Patagonian tooth fish for which our customer fishes in the South Atlantic.

It involved several stages and over 1500 hours work by our service technicians over the course of around 8 weeks. Not only were we providing new equipment but also had to utilise existing hydraulic components.


I would like to thank you for the prompt and professional service you have provided regarding the hydralic motor and gear box I have recently purchased. After having experienced a number unsatisfactory outcomes from other businesses in recent times it was refreshing to deal with both an individual and company that is so customer focused. Callum Molloy Ltd - Fishing Business