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For a large power generation project based in the Middle East, Hyspecs have supplied 33 hydraulic powerunits with interconnecting pipework and assisted our customer to pass factory acceptance tests.

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The initial requirement was to have a hydraulic system to open and close huge exhaust gas diverter doors, which weighed several tons. The system required multiple contingencies and backups, as well as the need for fail safe controls in the unlikely event should something fail. The doors needed to close at a constant repeatable speed and should an emergency arise be able to be closed rapidly with or without power onsite.

The design process was a preliminary proposal based on the performance specifications supplied by the client.

The design review team checked the calculations and looked at variances and different scenarios to ensure the longevity of the solution.

Once the design was accepted, Hyspecs along with our sister company Hytech who designed and manufactured the customised manifold blocks, built the system from the ground up.

Because the application is power generation, the hydraulic design and component selection was critical to give long term reliability and offer failsafe operation. We therefore used products from our established suppliers such as EPE, Eaton, Hydraforce and OMT who meet the quality and performance criteria required for this application. Custom manifolds designed and manufactured by Hytech (Hyspecs Technologies) in New Zealand were used to reduce pipework complexity and the likelihood of leaks.

Each powerunit features two variable displacement piston pumps, proportional control valves, six accumulators fitted with fluid and gas safety reliefs, off-line filtering and cooling, pressure and return filters, custom designed manifold blocks and a stainless steel reservoir. A full array of sensors ensures the powerpacks are protected from overheating, low oil level, excessive pressure, filter blockage and incorrect ball valve operation. Each hydraulic cylinder was fitted with counterbalance valves directly mounted on the ports so that a hose failure would not cause uncontrolled movement, the counterbalance valves were tuned to the system to ensure smooth and stable operation in all modes of operation.

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