Comer Planetary Drives

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

Hyspecs stocks the range of Comer (SOM) planetary reduction boxes.

With the modular assembly design, multiple input, output and reduction ratio options can be selected to fit in with your requirements. 

PG planetary gear units are divided into 23 basic groups depending on the different torques that are to be transmitted to the output shaft, which can vary from 50 to 95,000 Nm.

The Comer planetary gearboxes are a fully reversible, final drive system built specifically for use with hydraulic and electric motors. Coupled to a Char-Lynn T-Series motor with brake and motor mounted counterbalance provides a nice rotary drive solution.

Available in shaft, spindle, shrink disc and wheel outputs.

A mulitude of mount, shaft and ratio options are available on request.

Due to the modular nature of Comer planetary drives please contact HYSPECS with your requirements.

Click here to download the technical section of the Comer Industries website for PDF documentation on specific frame sizes.