Excavator Hose Burst Safety Valves

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Don’t Drop Your Load If Your Hose Bursts!

Hyspecs SAFEX valves are designed to be mounted directly to the boom and/or the stick (arm) cylinders of hydraulic excavators. With the correct installation and adjustment these valves prevent uncontrolled lowering of the boom/stick cylinders in the event of a hose burst, thereby becoming part of the load holding and lowering system designed to comply with AS 1418.8 / ISO 8643.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet the Australian Safety Regulations for Excavators and complies with ISO 8643.
  • Compact design with dual code SAE 61 and 62 ports.
  • Relief valve with screen is included for cylinder protection (full flow).
  • Duplicated valve (V), pilot (PIL) ports allow the valves to be fitted to either side. End pilot (PIL) and drain (DR) ports make it easy to connect.
  • E/TP port on the valves can be used for initial bleed off, a test point to set the relief, manual
    lowering, and equalizing two boom cylinders.
  • Assembled from top quality standard cartridges, which can be purchased in any major city around
    the world.
  • Manufactured by HYSPECS and HYTECH.
  • Steel manifolds and Nickel plated rated to 400 Bar and suitable for machines with flows from 30 to 600 l/min.
  • Tamper proof capable.
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IMPORTANT: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that these valves are installed and set correctly in order to comply with the safety standards. Incorrect installation and/or adjustment could result in severe injury, disability or death!

NB. Contact Hyspecs for Safex Valve technical data sheets and setup procedure.

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Attach Hyspecs SAFEX valves to your excavator, digger or front end loader and you won’t risk damage or injury in the event of a hose failure. Manufactured by Hyspecs.

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