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We have had the opportunity to integrate so many features using electrical engineering. Hyspecs has a dedicated electrical engineering section to accomodate for all the new and improved projects...

Electronics are at the heart of many modern machines, and we now expect them to achieve various tasks that would be almost impossible otherwise. Hyspecs wants to give you the same experience when we work together on your machine. From remote controlled bulldozers to fishing boats, horticultural harvesters and sprayers to injection moulding machines, rubbish trucks to airline catering trucks.

Whether it is a single function added to an existing machine, or full control of a prototype machine. We will find out how you would like to use your machine, then plan how to give you the control you want. We can design, deliver, install, commission, and document the whole project. Giving you the confidence everything will work well together, and you can focus on other things. Whether it is hydraulic, mechanical, electric, or electronic, let the Hyspecs team look after you.

In order to meet your electronic and automation requirements and to provide the right solution every time, Hyspecs has a team of engineers that work with the sales and projects departments. From controlling on/off and proportional solenoids right through to full turn key automation solutions, no job is too big or small.

Working closely with Hyspecs Hydraulic engineers from the design stage right through to commissioning, you can trust that the system will work to your exact requirements with a full understanding of how the hydraulics and electronics will interact.

The Electrical Department specialises in:

- Proportional control and joysticks
- Pump starters an control.
- Mobile and off highway control systems
- Industrial automation
- Human machine interfaces and operator controls
- Custom radio remote control design and implementation
- Full system design, engineering, programming and commissioning

Contact Hyspecs to discuss your hydraulic or electrical needs on 1800 497 732 or email at hyspecs@hyspecs.com.au