Northman Cetop Valves

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

Hyspecs stocks the range of Northman Cetop 3Cetop 5Cetop 7Cetop 8modulescoils and accessories. The valves, rated to 315 bar will fit onto any standard Cetop interface, replacing any existing brand with confidence. Contact Hyspecs for more information.

Cetop 3 (SWH-G02) Series Features

  • Oil immersed armatures, impact is cushioned, reduced noise, solenoid life increased.
  • Wet armature solenoid eliminates push pin seal, therefore no seal wear or leakage, for longer valve life.
  • Moulded coils for maximum insulating properties, which are impervious to dirt and moisture.
  • Plug in solenoid for ease of maintenance (12/24 VDC, 110/240 VAC)
  • All spools and bodies are interchangeable.
  • Indicating signal lights are standard.
  • High pressure, high flow rating provides low pressure drop with max. performance.
  • Balanced spool allows proper shifting force for max reliability and long life. 


Max. pressure 315 bar
Max. flow 63 lpm
Max. tank pressure 140 bar
Max. freq. of operation 300 cycles per minute


Cetop 5 (SWH-G03) Series Features

  • Electrical connections are Hirschman DIN plug in connector. Indicating lights plugs are standard.
  • Electrical connection points are aligned with the axial direction to be compatible with modular systems.
  • 12/24 VDC, 110/240 VAC
  • For ease of installation and repair, the mounting screws are on the outside of the body.
  • Ability to sustain high pressure - 315 bar, allows for large flow rates to 120 lpm.
  • The design of the flow passages minimises pressure drop.
  • The 4 way, 4 land construction design reduces the flow force and system surging pressure.


Max. pressure 315 bar
Max. flow 120 lpm
Max. tank pressure 160 bar
Max. freq. of operation 240 cycles per minute