SCOOBI - Self Contained Old Oil Beautifying Implement

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

So what's a Scoobi? The acronym Scoobi was coined by one of our service engineers a few years back and stands for "Self Contained Old Oil Beautifying Implement".

Need to transfer oil from one place to another? The Scoobi was designed to do just that, whilst extracting contamination from the oil in the process. Typically used for transferring old oil from a tank that needs cleaning, during system maintenance and for filling tanks in new systems. Even new oil contains contaminates so it is recommended that a new drum of oil be filtered before going into the tank. The Scoobi provides a clean and easy way of doing this.

Features and Benefits
• Dual filtration in and out, 10 micron, useful for separate water and particle filtration
ensuring ultra clean oil
• Gauge for indication that filter needs changing
• Rubber tyres and contoured handgrip for manoeuvrability and easy transportation
• IP65 rated on/off switch
• Assembled from locally sourced components for ease of service
• Manufactured by Hyspecs
• Relief valve protection
• Approximate dimensions 1m(h) x 0.5m(w) x 0.4m(d)

• Transfer oil at 20 l/min
• Powered by a single phase 0.75 kW electric motor with lead & plug
• Oil is pumped via a Galtech gear pump

List price for the Scoobi is $2746 + GST. Lead time from ordering if not in stock is typically 5 working days. We also hire out our workshop Scoobi at the rate of $120 per day plus filters. Hose assemblies can be manufactured to your specifications.

For further information and advice call us on 1800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email us at

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