Time to get building your Log Splitter

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

It's hard to think about winter with the summer heat upon us, but now is a good time to get your log splitter orders in.

Log Splitter hyspecs Parts3.JPG

Build Your Own Log Splitter With Hyspecs Log Splitter Parts. Hyspecs has a range of log splitter parts to suit a variety of size requirements and performances.

Hyspecs source only quality parts that you can rely on.

The log splitter parts can be sized to suit portable petrol engine units, tractor PTO set-ups and electric motors. When designing your log splitter, take into consideration the throughput you would like to achieve. The more horsepower you have, the faster you will be able to split the wood.

See in action a Hyspecs custom built commercial 30 tonne log splitter with integral conveyor. Hyspecs sales engineers designed the system with a Galtech double gear pump, unloader valve and auto kick out valve. So much easier than wielding an axe!

Call Hyspecs today on 1800 497 732 and discuss your log splitter requirements with one of our sales engineers.

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