Wastewater Upgrade Project

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

As part of a town Wastewater upgrade Hyspecs supplied hydraulic powerunits, local control panels and interconnecting pipework to three sets of pinch valve trains.


Hyspecs is always busy with new and exciting projects. One of Hyspecs's more recent projects was for a town Waterwaste Upgrade.

Hyspecs was approached by an Australian Company to get involved with the Wastewater Upgrade in New Zealand.

Read more about the Waterwaste Upgrade HERE.

The project had a variety of elements to work with and design around. It was not only built by our staff at Hyspecs, but installed within a good timeframe.

The Project Engineers at Hyspecs are qualified and experienced to help with design, build, installing and servicing big projects like these.

The Hyspecs team is available to consult directly with customers in our offices or on site. You can contact one of our Engineers on 1800 497 732 or email us hyspecs@hyspecs.com.au.