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Terms of Trade

Hyspecs Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade, please download and read this PDF file by clicking here.

Hyspecs welcomes new and existing customers who wish to purchase from us. By searching through our extensive range of products on-line you can send us an enquiry directly using this website. Online shopping is available from our clearance website https://my.hyspecs.co.nz. Alternatively you may also use the Ask Our Tech form (top right of each page), e-mail or phone to place an order or request more information. 

We have facilities to accept Account, VISA, Master Card and AMEX via our online shop.

Paying via Eftpos and cash is available in addition to the above when visiting our premises.

If your enquiry is from within Australia, we would also be happy to send out a representative to discuss your requirements with you and provide credit application details. If your enquiry is from outside of Australia, we welcome your query and will contact you with regards to purchase procedures.