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Welcome to the Hydraulic Specialties News Page. We will endeavour to provide you with relevant technical information and what's new as far as products and Hydraulic Specialties is concerned. We also run competitions from time to time with generous giveaways! To view a list of all previous Hydrafiles click here.

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Hydraulic Training Seminar 2014

We've set the date for this years hydraulic training seminar in Melbourne. Brush up on your hydraulic knowledge or send an employee along to the 2-day seminar. Sign up now:



Join Hyspecs for the two day seminar covering everything from the basic principles of hydraulics to fault finding and failure analysis. Learn how to design a hydraulic winch circuit, size components and draw a circuit. Just turn up with an open mind and lots of questions! Click here for more information on the Hyspecs website.

Click here to download the registration form ( register now - places are limited).

May 2014

Hydraulic Motors - how stuff works

Hyspecs provides a full range of hydraulic motor with a brief explanation of each hydraulic motor category below. Click the headings for more detailed information.

Gear Motor

Consit essentially of two intermeshing toothed gears enclosed in a common housing.

Gerotor/Geroler Motor

The H series motor uses a Gerotor while the rest of the Char-Lynn motors use a Geroler.

Piston Motor

Axial piston Motors are displacement machines in which the pistons are arranged in parallel to the axis of rotation of a cylinder barrel.

Swash-Plate Motor

In this version, the cylinder barrel is driven and, as a result, the pistons which are located and guided in the barrel rotate with it.

Bent Axis Motor

With this type of hydraulic motor, the cylinder barrel is driven by the pistons which in turn are themselves driven by the drive flange.

Wobble-Plate Motor

With this type of hydraulic motor, a so-called wobble plate is driven by the input or drive shaft.

For a more detailed description of each of these motors please visit our "How stuff works" motor series page or contact one of our Hyspecs Engineers 1800 497 732.

Mar 2014

Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics LogoPoclain Hydraulics has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance cam-lobe radial-piston motors. Further to Poclain Hydraulics' off-road market expertise, Poclain Hydraulics now offer innovative solutions utilising hybrid hydraulic products.

Hyspecs Australia is a full line distributor for Poclain Hydraulics products. This includes their range of Motors, Pumps, Valves, Electronics, Hydraulic Power Packs and Systems.

Poclain Radial Piston MotorFor more information on Hyspecs range of Poclain Hydraulics product, fill out our Info Request form or talk with one of our engineers on 1800 497 732.

To download a printable Poclain Hydraulics brochure click here.

For  servicing of your Poclain Hydraulics product call us now on 1800 497 732 to book a repair.


Service Challenge - Another day in the office

The stats
* 5" bore
* 3" shaft
* 2½ m stroke 4 tonne bin
* 1 Service Tech

The problem

* Piston comes off end of rod.
* Bin won't come off in this position!
* The question How the @#*# are we going to do this?!

The solution

* Get big crane in to get heavy bin off so we can remove the bent bit!!

For all your Hydraulic Servicing call Hyspecs 1800 497 732 and speak with one our service Engineers. They are ready for your challenges. (click on images below for larger image)

Piston Off RodBENT-MAIN-LIFT-CYLINDER-Cranesml 2S=

Feb 2014

Hydraulic Winches

Boat Hydraulics Including Remote Control of the Hydraulic Winches. Hyspecs was contracted by a major North Island boat builder in NZ to supply the hydraulics for a 24m catamaran work boat.

See the winches in action on youtube

In order to make this a multi purpose work boat, Hyspecs had to design the hydraulic system to seamlessly run various deck equipment simultaneously.

Hydraulic Anchor Winches

The Power house


Log Splitter Parts

Build Your Own Log Splitter With Hyspecs Log Splitter Parts. Hyspecs has a range of log splitter parts to suit a variety of size requirements and performances.

Hyspecs source only quality parts that you can rely on.

The log splitter parts can be sized to suit portable petrol engine units, tractor PTO set-ups and electric motors. When designing your log splitter, take into consideration the throughput you would like to achieve. The more horsepower you have, the faster you will be able to split the wood.

See in action a Hyspecs custom built commercial 30 tonne log splitter with integral conveyor. Hyspecs sales engineers designed the system with a Galtech double gear pump, unloader valve and auto kick out valve. So much easier than weilding an axe!

CustomLogSplitterFor more information please download our Log Splitter Brochure

Competition winners Christmas 2013

Congratulations to our winners - who won the Hyspecs umbrellas for the Hyspecs Christmas Competition. These prizes were most likely used more than we would like this summer. Thank you to all those that entered. As always keep an eye out for upcoming competitions.

Dec 2013

Merry Christmas from Hyspecs

Thank You For Being Such A Great Customer! Fancy winning something? We're giving away 5 prizes (no booby ones) to the first 5 correct email reponses for the following questions!

1. What are the 5 basic components that make up a Hydraulic Power Pack, as listed on our website?
2. How is force calculated for a hydraulic cylinder - hint see our "How Stuff Works" section on the website.

Email your answers to
Holiday Hours
23rd Dec        8.00am to 5pm
24th Dec        8.00am to 5pm
25th Dec        Closed
26th Dec        Closed
27th Dec        Closed
30th Dec        8.00am to 5pm
31st Dec        8.00am to 5pm
1st Jan          Closed
2nd Jan         Closed
3rd Jan          8.00am to 5pm
6th of January onwards back to normal. For days that we are closed we do have an on call engineer for any emergencies. Call 03 9305 3477 for the cell number.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and an awesome New Years, from the HYSPECS team.

Jul 2013

Variable Volume Oil Reservoirs

Hyspecs can now offer you an alternative to bulky oil tanks and using large quantities of hydraulic oil.

Variable Volume ReservoirIf you need to:

  • reduce the size and weight of your hydraulic system
  • reduce the risk to the environment in the event of an oil leak
  • stop oil contamination from dusty, humid or salty air
  • increase the life of your fluid and components by up to 5 times

then we have a solution for you with the innovative Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR).

For example your standard 200L hydraulic tank could be replaced with a VVR weighing 16 kg when filled with oil! These reservoirs have been used successfully since 2008 on various hydraulic systems such as drill rigs and are suitable for mobile, industrial and marine applications where weight or quantity of oil stored is critical.

VVR On PowerpackThe VVR allows your hydraulics to be run in a closed loop sealed system. The VVR also slightly supercharges the pump inlet reducing the risk of cavitation, beneficial when working at altitude or on steep angles. A correctly sized oil cooler must be used and Hyspecs offers a full range of air and water coolers ex-stock.

Standard equipment on the VVR is low level switch, air bleed valve, support brackets and isolation ball valve. Additional options available are overboard relief and instrumentation manifold.

If you would like more information then please contact Craig by email at

Comer Planetary Gearboxes

Hyspecs is a distributor for Comer SOM planetary reduction boxes. With the modular assembly design, multiple input, output and reduction ratio options can be selected to fit in with your requirements.

Comer Planetary GearboxPG planetary gear units are divided into 21 basic groups depending on the different torques that are to be transmitted to the output shaft, which can vary from 50 to 65000 Nm.

In fact, the product modular construction permits the coupling of bevel gears, worm gears, hydraulic brakes and a variety of input shafts to the planetary units, as well as providing for a wide choice of coupling flanges for hydraulic or electric motors.

Hyspecs currently stock a range of PG and PGA 100 to 700 series reduction boxes with a lead time of approximately 1 week.

For detailed specification information, click here to access the Comer SOM website data pages. Browse our range in the Hyspecs online shop here.

For more informaiton talk with our Sales Engineers today on 1800 497 732 or send us an email.

Online Shopping @ Hyspecs

Online Shopping HyspecsOnline shopping is available at It's easy to use and you can either search by category, brand or by using the built in search engine, you can find a product directly by part number or description.

The site is available 24/7 so if you've run out of time during the day to order that part, you can always logon after hours, place the order and we'll get it dispatched first thing the following morning. Click here to shop online now.



Hydraulic Training Seminar

We've set the date for this years hydraulic training seminar in Melbourne. Brush up on your hydraulic knowledge or send an employee along to the 2-day seminar. Sign up now:

Seminar 2013

Join Hyspecs for the two day seminar covering everything from the basic principles of hydraulics to fault finding and failure analysis. Learn how to design a hydraulic winch circuit, size components and draw a circuit. Just turn up with an open mind and lots of questions! Click here for more information on the Hyspecs website.

Click here to download the registration form.

Mar 2013

Hydraulic Valve - Manual & Electric Control

Q95-75 With Small Coils 250x 350Hyspecs stocks the Galtech range of cast iron mono-block valves which can be controlled manually and electrically. Galtech have just released a new version of solenoid for the largest valves in the range, the Q95 and Q75. With a reduction in size, the coils can now be installed on all adjoining sections. The Q95 (1") and Q75 (3/4") come in a 1 to 6 bank configuration. These valves have been very popular where electric control is required with a very durable manual backup in place. 

* One to eight bank valves 3/8"-1/2"
* One to six bank valves 3/4"-1"
* Pressures up to 350 bar, with built in
* Flows to 120 l/min with good
* Power beyond and detent options
Electric solenoid option with manual
   override for all sizes
* Hydraulic, pneumatic and remote cable actuator options
* Dual axis lever option for double bank valves
* Cylinder, motor, single and double acting spools, open or closed centre

For more information and pricing click here. 

Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacture

Hydraulic _system _hydraulic _power _pack _custom _madeHydraulic power packs are used to provide hydraulic power via oil flow and pressure. In their most basic form they consist of the following:

1. Prime mover - AC or DC electric motor or a petrol or diesel engine

2. Hydraulic pump

3. Bellhousing and coupling to join the prime mover and pump

4. Relief valve to protect the pump and circuit

5. Tank and oil

Hyspecs have available off the shelf modular DC hydraulic power pack. Hyspecs can also manufacture hydraulic power pack to your requirements. From small hydraulic power pack driving a simple ram to large complex hydraulic power pack driving components in industrial sized power stations. 

Read more about Hyspecs hydraulic power pack capabilities online here...

Feb 2013

In Control With Hyspecs

Hydraulic Valve: HS9508Welcome to the first Hydrafile for 2013. 

Hyspecs Excavator Valving has been featured in the latest Deals on Wheels magazine. Read the article in full in this months Hydrafile:

"Excavators are a versatile machine with a plethora of attachments available - turning a standard digger into a machine capable of just about anything. When adding a new attachment to an excavator, you need to be able to control it. If an auxiliary valve is available, that can be used. If not, another hydraulic valve capable of controlling the new attachment will get the job done."

Download the full article by clicking here.

Dec 2012

Holiday Hours

Another year has sprinted past and we find ourselves looking forward to Christmas and time with family and friends. We thank all of our customers for your loyal support this year and we look forward to helping you with a successful 2013. Richard Krebs, CEO.

Hyspecs opening hours for the coming Christmas and New Year holiday period (25th of December to the 2nd of January) will be:

All statutory days, weekends and the 31st of December closed. However we have engineers on call for your urgent sales or service requirements.

Mobile phone details for the engineer on call will be available by calling your local branch using the numbers listed on the contact us page. Website and email orders will still be monitored as per normal.

ChristmasAll other days we will be open for normal business.

Don't forget you can view and order hydraulic parts online here.

The site is available 24/7 so if you've run out of time during the day to order that part, you can always logon after hours, place the order and we'll get it dispatched first thing the following morning.

Mar 2012

Staff News

New Staff: Hyspecs Melbourne would like to welcome their two "new" engineers...

Cam RiddleJames west

       Cam Riddle                      James West

Cam has a background in heavy mobile equipment engineering. Cam completed his Advanced Trade as a Fitter and Turner with Tranzrail during which time he gained experience in hydraulic equipment installation and servicing. After spending 2 1/2 years as Aucklands Service Manager, Cam moved into a sales engineering position until late 2011 when he took up the Sales Manager position in our Melbourne branch.

James Initially trained in the Royal New Zealand Air force gaining National Certificates in Aeronautical engineering and Aircraft servicing. Having gained over 13 years engineering experience both domestic and internationally, 2 of which employed at Marshall Aerospace Uk and 8 years at Air New Zealand. James joined Hyspecs NZ in August 2010 and moved to the Australian branch at the end of 2011. 

Click here to read more staff profiles.

Hyspecs bids farewell to Gary Holt, Branch Manager of Christchurch. After 3+ years of dedicated service to Hyspecs, Gary is heading back to residence in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Gary will be pursuing Hytech manifold sales across Canada for our NZ manufacturing division. "I would like to thank all the staff at Hyspecs for their support and resources shown to me over the last 3+ years, to Hyspecs Christchurch, who have endured much over the last 18 months, you have grown stronger and I thank one and all for your friendship and support."

Owen Ladbrook will be taking the reigns from Gary and is looking forward to the challenge that will bring. Owen has 15+ years experience at Hyspecs and has spent that time in technical and sales engineering roles.

Oil Reservoirs

Hyspecs manufacture steel oil reservoirs that range in size from 100 to 200 litres. For smaller tanks we import the aluminium range of OMT.

Oil resevoir 1The steel tanks come in 100, 150 and 200 litre (75%) nominal volumes. They are manufactured from mild steel plate with all external welds TIG/MIG welded, continuous, no slag and checked by liquid penetration. The outward top flange comes with Nylock nuts and bolts and the sloped bottom floor allows easy draining via a removable stteel plug. Sealon adhesive tape provides an easy to install dust proof and water proof seal and the reservoir is fully grey primer etched inside and out. The reservoir also comes witih pre-drilled bolt down holes and baffles are available on request.
Oil resevoir 2Hyspecs also stocks the OMT range of aluminium oil reservoirs in 16, 25, 55 and 75 litre (75%) capacities. They are manufactured from cast die aluminium and come complete with lid, gasket and drain plug. The lid is left blank to allow the designer to cut appropriate holes for the electric motor, filters, filler/breather and any other bulk head accessories that may be required. Click here to download more information and pricing.

All reservoir sizes are in stock now and you can purchase the entire range online at our  website here.


So what's a Scoobi? The acronym Scoobi was coined by one of our service engineers a few years back and stands for "Self Contained Old Oil Beautifying Implement". The Scoobi was designed to transfer oil from one vessel to another, whilst extracting contamination from the oil in the process. Typically used for transferring old oil from a tank that needs cleaning, during system maintenance and for filling tanks in new systems. Even new oil contains contaminates so it is recommended that a new drum of oil be filtered before going into the tank. The Scoobi provides a clean and easy way of doing this.

ScoobiFeatures and Benefits
• Dual filtration in and out, 10 micron, useful for separate water and particle filtration ensuring ultra clean oil
• Gauge for indication that filter needs changing
• Rubber tyres and contoured handgrip for manoeuvrability and easy transportation
• IP65 rated on/off switch
• Assembled from locally sourced components for ease of service
• Manufactured by Hyspecs
• Relief valve protection
• Approximate dimensions 1m(h) x 0.5m(w) x 0.4m(d)

• Transfer oil at 20 l/min
• Powered by a single phase 0.75 kW electric motor with lead & plug
• Oil is pumped via a Galtech gear pump

Nett price for the Scoobi is $3300 + GST. We currently have Scoobi's in stock and lead time from ordering if not in stock is typically 5 working days. We also hire out our workshop Scoobi at the rate of $50 per half day and $100 per day plus filters. Hose assemblies can be manufactured to your specifications.

Click here for more information or  buy online now.

Sep 2011

Poclain Selector Valves

Hyspecs now stocks the Poclain KV range of electronic 3 and 6 port selector valves.

Electronic selector valves are often used in a situation where a new piece of hydraulic equipment has been added to an existing machine. For instance a 6/2 way valve can divert oil from the tilt function on an excavator to another auxiliary function, at the press of a button.

Stocked valves range in size from 3/8" to 1" (BSP ports), as either 12 or 24 VDC with a manual over-ride option on all. An external drain port is drilled as standard, which allows higher pressure and/or flow in most cases. This port can be plugged if 
not needed. All valves are open on changeover.

Specification Information:












3/8" BSP, 12/24 VDC





1/2" BSP, 12/24VDC





3/4" BSP, 12/24VDC






3/8" BSP, 12/24VDC





1/2" BSP, 12/24VDC, NG6





1/2" BSP, 12/24VDC, NG10





3/4" BSP, 12/24VDC





1" BSP, 24VDC





For more information download the Poclain catalogue by  clicking here (see pages 37-39 (3port), 77-87(6-port)).

Our sales engineers are available to offer expert guidance on the correct method for applying these valves to your application. They can be contacted by phone (see the numbers on the contact us page) or email at

HYTECH-Hydraulic Manifolds

Hytech logoHytech is the manufacturing division of Hyspecs NZ, located within the same building at 32 Crooks Road Auckland. Hytech manufactures standard & custom hydraulic manifolds. 

Hydraulic manifolds are used in conjunction with cartridge valves to provide an integrated circuit where complex functions can be performed, equal to that of most conventional control components. The manifold itself is usually some form of aluminium alloy or steel with cavities machined to accept the cartridges. The cartridges control the flow and pressure of the oil to the machines various hydraulic components such as motors and cylinders.

The advantages of this technology become clear once it is examined in more depth

hydraulic manifolds 11. Complex functions can be performed by one integrated circuit. This can replace many discrete components.
2. Hosing or pipe-work is greatly simplified, resulting in lower costs and fewer potential failures
3. Pressure, return and function ports can be positioned where most convenient for the end user. Customising the block to the particular machine.
4. Circuit confidentiality is enhanced, since the design cannot be easily traced
without resorting to exotic X-Ray methods.
hydraulic manifolds 25. Installed costs are usually lower than discrete components.
6. Skilled technicians are not usually needed to install the circuit.
7. Maintenance is simplified due to rapid cartridge interchange-ability. Failure of the block itself is rare.
8. Circuit versatility industry common cavities allow cartridges with differing functions to be substituted in the block. Therefore altering the circuit to customer specific requirements.
9. The completed circuit is usually lighter than individual components.
10. The completed circuit is usually more compact than individual components.
11. Virtually any circuit can be incorporated into a cartridge block.

Hytech provides Hyspecs with standard hydraulic manifolds that are used in every day circuits, such as relief and counterbalance valves. However Hytech is also geared to provide one off hydraulic manifolds for systems seen in super yachts or factory production lines. Hytech can also provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMS's) with large runs of hydraulic manifolds, fully assembled with cartridge valves and each individual unit tested before shipping to your assembly plant to be inserted into your machine. At Hytech literally no job is too big or small.

For more information download a Hytech brochure by clicking here or visit the Hytech website by clicking here.

Feb 2011

SAFEX(TM) Valve Test Video, Hardcopy/CD Pricelist, HydraForce i-Design CD

Hydraulic Specialties SAFEXTM valves are designed to be mounted directly to the boom and/or the stick (arm) cylinders of hydraulic excavators. With the correct installation and adjustment these valves prevent uncontrolled lowering of the boom/stick cylinders in the event of a hose burst, thereby becoming part of the load holding and lowering system designed to comply with AS 1418.8 / ISO 8643.

To check compliance with the above standards the SAFEXTM valve was tested on an excavator to simulate a hose burst. A ball valve connected to tank was fitted in the hose going to the boom cylinders. With the test load suspended the ball valve was opened to simulate a hose burst and the boom drop speed measured to ensure that it did not exceed 10mm/sec. For the next test the ball valve was closed and the operator moved the joystick to lower the load and the speed was measured. Then the ball valve was opened, again simulating a hose burst, and the lowering speed was measured to ensure the speed had not increased more than 100%.

We filmed this test with OSH in presence, utilising a Cable Price excavator. The valve passed the test and has been confirmed to comply with the required standards.

View the SAFEXTM valve test video on YouTube by clicking here.

For more information please  email us or talk with one of our Sales Engineers using the numbers listed on the Contact Us page.


Hardcopy / CD Pricelist 2010

Last month we released the 2010 Pricelist as a download from our website. This month we release the CD and Hardcopy versions.

The CD version of the pricelist includes our linked Product Library. This is the same version that we use in-house which includes full product specification/brochure links for the product you are interested in. 

There's over 400 MB of information in there!

A printed version of the pricelist allows you to stay mobile and look up a part and price whilst on the go.

To order your free copy of the CD and/or printed hardcopy please call one of our sales engineers by using the numbers listed on the Contact Us  page, or drop us an email by clicking here.

HydraForce i-Design CD

Now You Can Easily Create Custom Integrated Manifolds.

HydraForce's i-Design Hydraulic System Design Software allows you to create custom integrated manifolds from the very beginning design stages all the way through pricing and quoting to your customers. And the best part is that it's FREE!!

i-Design Version 3 incorporates the schematic layout and pricing tool from previous versions with the addition of a 3D layout tool.  This new feature greatly improves communication throughout the design cycle, from specification with by the OEM designer through the manifold design.

Used in house and by Hydraulic Specialties customers, i-Design gives us the ability to collaborate on a design easily and efficiently, getting the whole design completed in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take, with traditional methods.

To order your free HydraForce i-Design CD either call one of our sales engineers today by using the contact numbers listed on the Contact Us page, or drop us an email by clicking here.

Visit the HydraForce website for more information by clicking here.