Hydraulic Manifolds - Neat, Tidy and No-Hassle with Hoses

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

Get rid of multiple discrete hydraulic valves and hoses, and replace with a fully integrated hydraulic cartridge valve manifold.

HYSPECS manufactures standard and custom aluminium and steel hydraulic manifolds. Along with our complete range of cartridge valving, fully assembled and tested hydraulic valve manifolds can be designed, manufactured and shipped from scratch within a few weeks. 

Hydraulic Manifold Benefits

  • Save Money on Reduced Hoses and Fittings
  • Save Space
  • Reduce Hydraulic Installation Weight
  • Lower Overall Cost of Ownership
  • Secure Intellectual Property (hydraulic circuit hidden inside) • Reduce
  • Assembly and Commissioning Times
  • Lower Hydraulic Maintenance Time and Money
  • Reduce Hydraulic Leaks
  • Hyspecs manufacture aluminium and steel hydraulic manifolds to your requirements, from design to installation in a matter of weeks (even shorter times are available on request) 

  • Hyspecs stock a full range of hydraulic cartridge valves to suit any application 

  • In-house designers utilising ProE and MasterCam for fast design and manufacture turnaround 

  • Australia and worldwide shipping
  • Large stock holding and 24 hour x 7 days a week backup

The Hyspecs team is available to consult directly with customers in our offices or on site, anywhere in Australia. You can contact one of our Engineers on 1800 497 732 or email us hyspecs@hyspecs.com.au.