Hydraulic Training

Hyspecs offers hydraulic training seminars for customers and interested parties.

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Seminar programmes are normally carried out in the Hyspecs branches, but can be customised to suit client requirements.

The Hyspecs Hydraulic Training Seminar

  • Is a two-day programme covering hydraulic principles and concepts.
  • Is based on an open forum format allowing open questions and discussions from participants to demonstrate theoretical concepts through real life examples.
  • Involves system design and component selection for a winch circuit.
  • Covers concepts with basic fault-finding and how pressure, emotions, and money can affect the symptoms of a system that is not working properly.
  • Offers physical samples of common components failures along with discussion on why they failed.

If you would like to register your interest or you would like to know more call us on 1800 497 732 or drop us an email.

"It has given me a much greater understanding of hydraulic systems"
Marine and General Engineering
"Great course, excellent presentation, will be recommending to other staff"
Hose Repair Business